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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider

The first step in choosing the best web hosting provider is checking out the reviews that previous and current users have for the provider. Once you read the reviews and found some providers that were given positive reviews, you can start going through the features of these providers and check whether the offers are suited for your needs. Obviously, you have already set your preferences and standards and this will also help you in deciding which provider is the best.

Cheap web host

4 Fat Cow
5 Web Hosting Hub
6 Green Geeks
7 Go Daddy
8 Just Host
9 Host Gator
10 Blue Host
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3 A2 Hosting
5 Go Daddy
6 In Motion Hosting
7 Just Host
8 Host Gator
9 Blue Host
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Top 10

2 Fat Cow
3 Web Hosting Hub
4 Green Geeks
5 Go Daddy
6 In Motion Hosting
7 Just Host
8 Host Gator
9 Blue Host
10 Arvixe Web Hosting
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Windows Hosting

6 Go Daddy
7 Arvixe Web Hosting
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WordPress Hosting

3 Web Hosting Hub
4 Green Geeks
5 Go Daddy
6 In Motion Hosting
7 Just Host
8 Host Gator
9 Blue Host
10 Arvixe Web Hosting
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Technical Specifications

There are certain things that you should know about certain service providers before you can even finalize choosing one. Such things are the technical specifications. As you check out the important technical specifications of a provider, this is when you can tell that the services catered are suited for your needs and will help your website in growing. As a review site, we are setting certain technical specifications when it comes to rating our reviews for web hosting companies like the following:
  • Disk Space
This is the feature that is referring to the available storage space that the provider can offer. It is where your website files are going to be stored.
  • Bandwidth
It is the amount of total traffic allowed for accessing and leaving your website.
  • Daily Backups
This is the copying of data or important information and is considered as an important feature for safety measures. When daily backups are done and observed, it only means that safe data handling is practiced.
  • Uptime
It is the total amount of time when the server of web host provider is staying up and running. This is a great indicator that the provider is good since they can let all web pages running and staying up as well. These are just some of the important technical specifications that you should be looking for a web hosting services provider. You must consider getting these specifications for any provider especially when you are opting for cheap web hosting services.

Pricing & Value

One of the important considerations that any website owners like you should get is the pricing. Some owners would want to avail of free accounts while there are also those who are willing to pay for premium accounts just to get the best out of the features of the provider. There are various offers when it comes to the pricing of a web host, and some of these are the following:
  • Free offers – These are the ones that are offered for website owner that includes all of the basic features of a web hosting service. Just make sure that the service that you are going to get does not come with forced ads as it is an indication of a bad provider.
  • Paid ones – With the paid ones, you are given the chance to take advantage of the basic features as well as the upgraded ones to ensure complete satisfaction from the services.
These are the usual offers that you can get when you are in the process of deciding on what best website hosting you should be choosing. Pricing is an important factor as it will help you in meeting your budget for running your own website.

Investigate Support and Customer Service

As a person reviewing a web hosting site or is in the search for the best provider, it is always an important factor that you will investigate the support and customer service of any provider of your choice. When you are in the process of investigating, you must find out how the company is able to provide customer service. After all, you do not want to get stuck at some point of running your website not knowing what to do because of a server error or any hosting problems. Choose the one with established support reputation and is always reachable whenever you encounter problems with your website’s hosting needs. Consider picking the host provider offering 24-hour customer services for convenience.

Look for Extras

When you would choose to pay for services, it is best that you will be searching for extra services that they can offer. Even a cheap hosting service would offer particular extra services just to keep their clients loyalty. There are also those who offer extra services like money back guarantee just to get the trust of their clients and keep it. For website owners who are still searching for the right hosting services, knowing that there is a money back guarantee is always an advantage of converting the website owner as a client. This is sure to be an advantage for anyone that is interested to make the most of the services that they would get from hosting providers.


As a part of the web hosting services that you are going to get, it is necessary that you will check the current state of the administration of the service provider. It is a must that you get some information on how the services are administered and whether the company is completely aware of how things are running for their clients or not is an important thing to consider. You must learn more about the service provider and how they handle all of their clients from the moment they get services from the company till the very moment they upgrade or renew their packages. Aside from learning the basics about what is web hosting, you should first have an open mind about things that you can get from a site. As the owner, take the responsibility in making your purchase from a service provider worth the payments you have made.


Among other services that website owners would get from web hosting sites, the most important service that you should focus on is the hosting. For a website owner, it is your role to check the hosting capability of a provider. At, we value how providers are able to meet the needs of their clients and it is important that for website owners like you to give more attention with the hosting performance of a provider. As a client, you only want to get the best out of the services that you are paying for. Most of the time, you would even want an excess on what have you paid than knowing that the services you got were totally not suitable. So, with hosting you must learn that:
  • You should know how much space is available whether you get a free or paid account. Most of the hosting services would offer unlimited free spaces, which makes it advantageous for any website owners.
  • You must learn the kind of web hosting package suited for your needs. There is no “one size fits all” in any business field, and so is with hosting. You must find out which particular package is suited for you.
These are just some of the things that you must learn when it comes to getting the services of any best web hosting sites. Learn how to pick the right kind of package suited for you and how advantageous one package or service is among others.


It is given that not all website owners are aware of the processes within the online world and getting some help from service providers whom you have trusted is always necessary. Most of the time, the ability of a service provider to cater support all the time is considered as an important feature or is even included in the criteria for choosing a specific provider. The best hosting provider that you should get is the one that can render 24/7 support throughout the year. This only means that even on holidays, there must always be someone whom you can talk to whenever you encounter problems with the hosting services you got from a specific provider you chose. You want your site to keep on running and this is what you are expecting especially when your service provider says that they have 99.99% uptime. Having the support team always available will allow you to update any problems as soon as you find out there is something wrong with running your website.


Your identity online is distinguished through your domain name. Any website can be reached when they have a domain name. Users will just type the domain name of a specific website and they can easily visit the site. Most of the time, website owners immediately get their domain names when they get web hosting services. It is one of the first things a website owner should get before getting their hosting accounts or just like in hosting packages, they can get it along with their hosting accounts. Basically, a domain name having no web space and email facilities included in it is called as a parked domain. Usually, this is reserved for future use of the owner. But if you have chosen to get it along with the package of a hosting accounts, then you can have it easily upgraded and hosted to start working. As you read through reviews in our site, you are sure to find those offering packages with domain names with special introductory prices. You can have the chance to choose the most unique domain name for your business and start running your website soon enough.


Considered as the partner of web hosting, email is required for every website owner just like how domains are required. Each website owner wants to have an email add that is also connected with their domain name and this is only possible when you get a package that includes it. Choosing among the best web hosting 2015 service providers listed in our site will give you an insight of whom you can trust when you are planning to open your own website. Just like the usual settings on putting up an account, you will be the one doing all the adjustments with your personal account. Once you have set up your email accounts, you will have the solution for communicating with your customers and responding to emails immediately. Since you are the account user, you can send and receive messages freely and even set filters, if necessary. Given that emails have different features like accessing it through different devices, the email accounts that website owners can get from the site can also be accessed with the devices. This allows you to answer all kinds of inquiries or suggestions sent by visitors and even potential clients after they visited your website.


When reading website hosting reviews, you will definitely find bonuses beside every hosting package. Every web host services provider has their own ways of enticing more clients to register with their packages and even upgrade their accounts for the better. Various bonuses are offered by service providers and some of these are the following:
  • A fixed bonus amount for AdWords
There are times when hosting packages would include this offer and would be offered at a fixed price.
  • Certain amount of search credit on leading search engines
This will help in improving your website’s visibility.
  • Bonus advertising credits
Such advertising credits can be posted on top related websites or even in social media sites.
  • Extra space on cloud storage
If you got a limited amount of storage from your chosen package, then an extra cloud storage bonus is sure to be a big help.
  • Bonus blogging tools
Blogging provides a lot of help for websites and getting bonus blogging tools is sure to give positive results in the long run.
  • Get bonus content management system services
Getting hosting packages from trusted providers will give you a great chance in taking advantage of such rare bonuses that would cost you around $200 or even more than that. There are service providers that are offering set of bonuses for all of the hosting packages, which makes it really beneficial for those websites needing more visibility online.

Hosting Types

There are different kinds of hosting types that any service provider can include in any of their packages. But there are top 5 hosting types that are offered by many providers and these are:
  1. Shared Web Hosting ServicesThe most commonly used type of various kinds of businesses.
  2. Free Web Hosting ServicesIt is commonly used by personal website owners or those not needing huge size of hosting space.
  3. Cloud HostingThis is offering remote virtual servers as its main service.
  4. Ecommerce Web HostingJust like the shared type of hosting but offers users security on online buying and payment.
  5. Dedicated Web HostingAs its name suggests, this is the service dedicated only to a single customer.
Get to choose one among the top types or learn more about other types as you read reviews of other web hosting service providers here at our site.

Learning Materials

Not everyone knows how the web hosting process works, which makes it necessary for people to take advantage of the learning materials that are included in every web hosting package that they would choose from. Even the best web host provider needs to give their clients the ease of understanding how the process works and how they can help clients with their new website. Most of the time, every plan includes the explanation on how everything is going to work. This is an advantage for many who are trying to get things straight with starting their website. Most learning materials are available on the site of the provider or are sometimes included in every plan. What you have to do is to go through the site of the provider and get to know more of their services through their available resources. It may take time, but it is worth it.


Aside from getting your domain, whether it is free or paid, and having a  bunch of bonuses from the hosting package or plan you have chosen, security is also one of the important issues that you should consider thinking of. If you are planning to put up an ecommerce site, security is always a critical issue. Nevertheless, it is somehow neglected by other owners. When getting web hosting services, you are saving all the information in your web page into cloud storage. The information can be accessed by other people without you knowing. If you are not careful with the web hosting provider that you are going to choose, then there is a great tendency that your information can leak and can be used by your competitors. So, when picking a service provider, choose the one offering security tools. You can choose plans with that plans with this feature. However, security tools are important features that web host providers should include in their services whether in plans or sold individually.

Website Design

Included in the plans or packages of web hosting services are website design. Among the providers that are reviewed in our site, you are sure to find the ones that are offering free application on website design creation. This is a feature that you should not miss especially when you want to make a website that is suitable for your preferences and can work accordingly to the needs of the visitors. Say, you do not have the experience for scripting or basically, designing a website. A web host plan with a free service for website design is always an advantage. Instead of getting another company to handle the process of designing your website, you can only contact a single provider not only for the hosting services but also for the design and other graphic needs of your website. But with choosing the right web hosting provider, chances are you can get the benefit of having a hosted domain but also get your web design all running at the same time.

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