1&1 is one of today’s leading web hosting companies. Currently, they have six million customers and 37,000 servers. 1and1 is offering a range of services centered on providing clients everything they need to run and manage their sites efficiently. Among these services are domain registration, Linux and Windows hosting, Microsoft Sharepoint hosting and mail hosting.

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1 and 1 Hosting Reviews

First Impression about 1and1 and its Services

1&1 hosting is one of the web hosting service providers that guarantee a higher level of satisfaction to customers. This is proven by the 1&1 hosting reviews for the provider and its services. Just like the rest, there are pros and cons that can be found in these services. This is the main goal of the review; to explore the pros and cons that help customers make an informed decision.

As a web hosting provider, it is more focused on providing optimal internet presence for small to medium-sized businesses. Browsing through the site, one can see the many offerings of 1&1. These allow them fulfill their promise to their customers. They are offering high quality web hosting solutions at their reasonable prices.

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These offerings helped them in attaining their primary goal of ensuring the customer satisfaction. They only offer the proven products despite of their skill level. Looking for the best value for your money, it is certain that 1&1 can provide it.


Hosting Plans

1&1 is offering three basic shared hosting plans such as the Basic, Unlimited & Advanced. All the plans can be ordered with the use of Windows or Linux servers. A group of customers is best suited to using each of these plans. For instance, the Basic plan is ideal for those who wish to build a basic online presence.

1and1 wordpress hosting plans

Those with advanced projects are best suited for unlimited package. Customers who plan to use a web hosting for their business should use the advanced package. Every hosting plan offered by the company is particularly designed with certain customers in mind. It is a practical solution for customers who have specific needs.


Value for Money (5-Star Rating)

1&1 internet hosting provides the best value for money. The company has proven it to their customers. They showed it through the comprehensive and featured-packed web hosting solutions they offer without hidden costs. 1&1 has been serious in ensuring their transparent pricing.

Value For Money

More than that, customers enjoy the benefit in ordering a web hosting package. Their chosen package is has a free domain web address. Customers only have to choose a domain from the listed extensions, like .com, .org, .info, .net, etc. If an Advanced package is chosen, customers will benefit from added unlimited email accounts and web space. All orders come with a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Customer Support (4-Star Rating)

1and1 customer support

1&1 web hosting is one of those providers who work hard to ensure the aspect of their business and satisfaction of their customers. Customers do not feel frustrated because they have access on the following:


  • 24/7 Support

It does not matter if you have some questions you want to be answered quickly. It also does not matter if you have concerns that need to be resolved immediately regardless of what time is it. 1and1 has a 24-7 support team you can communicate with anytime of the day if you need immediate help. Their team can be contacted, either by phone or email.




The company’s service can be described into three simple phrases: top security, product quality & unshakable reliability. The level reliability they provide to customers is due to their data centers built with the most advanced technology. This reliability is ensured for them to withstand any conditions they may encounter. 1&1 website builder designed their stable and powerful systems. This is done to provide dependable web products that customers can rely on.


Ease of Use

It is true that 1und1 has its own cPanel. But, the company has a cPanel that is very easy to use. Users only have to spend a few minutes exploring it. Thus, they already have an idea on how it works. And even if you find it difficult using the cPanel, there are tutorials and articles that can guide you. You only have to look at these documents to find the best answers.



1and1 is offering web hosting plans at all-inclusive prices to provide an unbeatable value. Their pricing is designed to suit a specific budget. Each of these web hosting packages is provided from the most nominal price. There is the basic hosting plan offered at a nominal price. It is the smaller plan that can be availed from them.

1and1 prices

The basic plan already comes with all the tools needed in building and managing a standard personal or small business website. Then, there’s the advanced plan offered at a price of $4.99/month. It comes with excellent features, exceptional web hosting quality, high security and reliable support.

1and1 domain prices

Yes, their products are offered at affordable prices. But, it is not that cheap as compared to others. Still, their products are well-rounded to deliver satisfaction. In a way, using their products is more worth spending than the others.


Features (4-Star Rating)

All hosting packages offered by the company come with:


  • Unlimited Databases
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Installs of 1and1 Click and Build Applications
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Included Free Domain

Other than these, the packages come with guaranteed:


  • 99,9% Uptime (5-Star Rating)

They understand that connectivity is among the most important aspects that customers when choosing web hosting plans. Hence, they gave customers a reason to choose them. One of these is their guaranteed 99.9% uptime connectivity. The feature gives access to more than 300Gbit external connectivity. This means more people reaching and interacting with the website at a quicker pace.


  • Bandwidth

The company is providing unlimited bandwidth. On the customer’s side, it means fewer worries that let them host their website effectively.


  • User-Friendly

1&1’s web hosting services are not only equipped with easy to use cPanel. It is also has SEO tools that are user-friendly. Their services are designed with a 1-click installation facility which makes things easy.


  • Up-to-Date and Daily Backups

The web hosting provider always ensures that their services deliver satisfaction. They ensure this by providing updated software with daily backups.

Techie Features Marketing & Bonus Features!
Unlimited webspace Facebook and Search Marketing Credits
Unlimited websites FREE private domain registration
Unlimited traffic Website Builder
FREE included domain Site Analytics
Hundreds of apps Simple SEO
Linux and Windows support EZ Shop Creator
Daily Backups Search Engine Submissions
99.9% Uptime Anti-Virus Filter


Technical Support

1&1 is offering their services globally. Thus, they encounter a lot of customers who demand technical support. To meet such high demand, the company allocated a technical support staff that can be contacted in one of these countries. In the US, customers can communicate with the company’s technical support staff phone or email.

The same goes in United Kingdom; there are email addresses and contact numbers customers for technical assistance. Customers can contact the staff anytime they need assistance.

To make things easier and more convenient, the company also designed their cPanel in a manner that features their technical support team’s contact number. The contact numbers are provided in the Help and Contact section.


Control Panel

As a customer, one of the things you would want to know is whether a service provider’s cPanel is easy to use and powerful. 1&1’s cPanel are easy to use and powerful. As a user, you can manage all your domain names in the cPanel along with websites and email addresses in just a single password and login. Their cPanel is also browser-based that allows an instant access anytime. Personal information with password and credit card details are easily updated using the cPanel.

1and1 control panel




  • Quite Inexpensive Web Hosting Plans
The competition in the web hosting industry is about offering the most quality service at the best price. The company was able to pass in this aspect with their inexpensive packages with complete bandwidth and spaces.

  • Every Account comes with a Lot of Features
These features include email accounts a control panel, databases, 24/7 customer and technical support, 90-day money back guarantee, up-to-date software, daily backups and lots of apps to install.  


  • Expensive Renewal Prices
The company is offering appealing packages at their reasonable prices. However, what made the packages expensive are the renewal prices that customers have to pay after a year if you wish to continue using the service.

  • No Online Chat Support
The company is offering an online chat support to selected countries. It is quite inconvenience for customers who are non-English speakers.


To conclude everything in this 1&1 web hosting review, 1&1 is one of those who provide customers the exact things they paid for. There may come a time when the packages are quite expensive. Still, you can get a lot of value from what you get. Therefore, what they offer is still a good choice for new website owners looking for web hosting packages. They are not required to spend too much; but, they can use them while in their starting stage. Now, you have finally realized the importance of 1 and1 web hosting review. This is incomparable to other hosting providers.

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  1. Review by Devin

    I think we have all seen an ad or two for this host. They are everywhere and they seem to have the best prices that is for sure. The problem that I had with them is the support, just took too long to get help.

  2. Review by Vanessa Frohman

    I used this site at first because I saw an ad in a business magazine. It was an ok experience, but as soon as I was able to move my sites, I did.

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